What is your eyebrow style?

OK. So, this is a question that has a LOT of different options for you! Rounded brows, bold brows, thick, thin, square, realistic, powder etc, etc. As for technique perhaps microblading? or maybe ombre, powder or hmm combination brows?

The list goes on! with so many amazing techniques now available, HOW do we chose which is best or what we like the most?!

SO, it sounds impossible right?

Well, here I would like to explain the different techniques and shapes with pro's and con's to help you in your decision to getting the brows you LOVE looking at in the mirror every day!

FIRSTLY, let me help you understand how permanent and semi-permanent makeup works:
As with any Tattoo (Yes, thats right. Remember it IS a TATTOO) pigment is implanted into the skin. Every technique implants pigment (ink) into the skin - Microblading, Powder, machine tattood brows, they all do the same thing to give the desired eyebrow effect.

Cosmetic tattooing has been around for decades! what has changed is that pigments, tools and equipment are better quality, aesthetics stadards are much higher and training is SO much better.

Lots of technicians are now creating new and shiny marketing names, making clients think that they are getting a new technique when as a matter of fact, it is still just pigment being implanted into the skin and there are only really TWO techniques you need to know about.

SO how do i know which one is best for me?
Here are the two main techniques - and a third 'Combination' brows which is a mixture of the two main techniques

Technique 1: Microblading (Hairstroke brows)

Microbladed Brows

This technique is using a handtool to create tiny, very thin and extremely realistic strokes into the skin. The artist must be extremely skilled and artistic to be able to do this technique in the most realistic and gentle way. Microblading is a very natural looking technique that looks good on all ages. From 18 to 100! if there are no medical conditions and you are not pregnant or breastfeeding then this technique really can be done on anyone of any age! (If done well ofcourse!)

This technique may topping up more regularly than machine tattooing because the ultra-fine strokes fade quicker.  Microblading is a great start to Semi-permanent makeup if you are unsure, as it is easier to make changes with this technique. Microblading can also be known as 'Hairstroke brows', 'Nano Brows' , 'Feather Brows' and 'Nano strokes'.

Technique 2: Powder/Ombre Brows

Powder/Ombre Brows

This technique is achieved using a machine or hand tool which creates a more drawn on look, more like when you draw pencilled brows on yourself. This techniqe is carried out by almost brushing the pigment into the skin to create a pixelated/dotted effect which can be kept soft or built up for a stronger look.

Powder brows can look really lovely and soft if carried out well by the practitioner but if it is a more definate result, leaving a stronger shape which lasts longer than microblading so you must be sure that you like the more dramatic look.

If for a reason you would want a more natural effect with your brows after having this done then you would have to either let them fade out for possibly up to many years or get them removed because the block of colour with the powder means hairstrokes will not be visible over the top of it.

Less colour boosts are needed with a stronger powder brow because the pigment lasts longer under the skin and this technique can be the better option for those with very thin skin because the procedure itself is slightly more gentle than microblading.
(Also referred to also as  Microshading, Nanoshading, Pixelated brows, Ombre, Combination, Combo brows and 3D brows.)

Technique 3: Combination Brows
This is a mixture of the two main techniques! This is good for those who dont want quite as full a look as powder brows but would like areas slightly bolder than with just microblading alone! Combination brows is great for those who have very uneven brow hair, such as very thick areas of hair at the start and very fine hair at the tail. Usally combination brows are hairstrokes (microblading) at the bulb (front) of the brow, then machine powder through the rest of the brow for more definition.

Combination Brows

Still unsure of what brow technique you would want? and still not sure which might be best for your skin/ existing hair pattern? Then please do get in touch! I would be more than happy to discuss the options with you to find the most suitable technique for your skin.